Executive Team

Skills critical during the startup phase will be Innovation, Financing, Construction, Safety, Logistics & Marketing. Our executive team has extensive Management, Construction, Marketing & Sales experience. Equally important in these challenging times, we are strategically engaged with various levels of governments whose decisions impact both our immediate and long term goals.

George Clark

Chief Executive Officer

CEO George Clark is a new technology Entrepreneur with a history of merging innovative systems & processes into real world applications. With a Computer Systems Analyst degree & a lifetime of construction experience, George’s many accomplishments include helping many of Alberta’s Home Builders, Architects & Engineers move from the drafting boards onto intelligent Computer Aided Design systems as well as helping DND Suffield, Geological Survey Canada & numerous Commercial Enterprises transition into advanced graphics and business management integrated systems. In 2005 he was awarded a Metis Entrepreneur of the Year honor by MNA Region3 and in 2016 he was named by Alberta Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People.

He also helped the Metis Nation of Alberta acquire a Drilling Rig, earning them over $12M in realized profit in five years. He then introduced a unique new technology soil cement stabilization process for providing solid 24/7 365 day accessible heavy load bearing ground solutions to clients throughout Alberta & British Columbia. His company excelled at literally putting his many clients on Solid Ground to build their projects on schedule & budget!

Lorne Murfitt

VP Logistics

Lorne grew up learning his valuable work ethic and farm boy multiple skill sets on a mixed farm in Saskatchewan. He went from there to farming and ranching in Alberta & BC for over 30 years, gaining the experience vital for Alberta BioBord’s upcoming straw acquisition & transportation logistical needs. Like many other ranchers, Lorne worked in the resource industry in Alberta and British Columbia for 40 plus years. Mining, forestry but mainly oilfield as an oilfield consultant supervising everything from drilling to construction projects. In 2015-2016, he became a well known advocate for Alberta Farmers & Ranchers, gaining their respect for Standing Up for them when most needed.

He has been responsible for projects coordinating dozens of multi discipline employees & subcontractors, precisely the experience needed to oversee the producer relationship building and logistics moving 800,000 MT of large square bales per year. Approximately 1.6 MILLION bales will need to be safely acquired and transported as Alberta BioBord’s fibre feedstock. Lorne & George designed an innovative strategy that will be rolled out in 2021.

Randy Kerr

VP Corporate Relations

Randy has focused on public affairs strategies and relationships with government ever since obtaining his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Alberta. He offers deep expertise in government, stakeholder and regulatory communications with a specialty in the energy and environmental fields. Randy has worked in the energy and politics field for nearly 30 years. By focusing on winning campaigns - political, pipelines, energy projects and more, he has worked on resource development of Alberta’s magnificent oil sands and projects that should have proceeded such as the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

He has worked for ConocoPhillips Canada, devising oil sands strategies and building industry coalitions. He also helped coordinate ConocoPhillips work with municipal, provincial and federal (and occasionally international) governments’ activity on the Greenhouse Gas and climate change file. Randy has built and maintained a strong multi-party political network across Canada. Management of several successful political campaigns has honed his talents for leading great communications teams.

Fred Schneider

Construction Management Advisor

Fred has overseen and optimized billions of dollars worth of projects for Oil & Gas clients for several decades. Whether working on projects in NE Alberta for Canada’s majors or overseas in the Middle East for Global players, Fred’s insightful approach to hands on project management has won him the respect of clients who benefited from the savings and production gains that he brought to them.

He has worked on project optimization for Canadian clients including Suncor, CNRL, Value Creation, Williams Energy, Triad Engineers, Delta Catalytic, Shell Canada, Texaco Canada, Fluor Canada, Amoco, Trans Canada just to name the majors. Internationally he worked to bring the advanced processes forward as the Middle East rapidly built up their own refinery capacity. More recently, Fred has been actively engaged with numerous First Nation leaders in helping to develop their Trade Corridor initiatives and entry into Indigenous owned resource development. Alberta BioBord looks forward to not only having his help in optimizing our pellet & MDF plants, we can possibly achieve our Cogeneration Powerplant ambitions quicker with his expertise and connections.